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Carpet for stairs against slippery

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Step mats are coverings that are attached in the middle of a stair step https://carpet-for-stairs.com so that you cannot slip on the smooth step.
Step carpets can be used both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor mats should be made of rubber or aluminum to make them weather-resistant.
Before purchasing, you should measure your levels so that you can buy the right size. Usually step mats are 24 x 65 cm in size.

Step mats test
According to statistics from the Federal Statistical Office, there were about 1,073 fatal stair falls in 2012. The reason for this is, for example, too fast running on the stairs or slippery socks. In order to make your stairs in the apartment safer, we recommend that you buy step mats. The stair saver not only prevents slipping, but also dampens the volume of the kicks.

In households with children or animals, such stair carpets are particularly recommended, as the stairs are sometimes run up or down when romping and romping. You can find out what materials the stair rests are made of, how to keep the mats clean and what you should keep in mind when purchasing them in our step mat comparison 2019.

For example, keep the dirt away from your step mat comparison winner with these products:

Step mats against slippery stairs

Anti slip stairs
Especially with children in the household, the wooden staircase should be made non-slip.

Stairs inside the apartment are often made of wood and can quickly become slippery when you change floors in socks. To reduce the tread load on the steps, you can attach stair mats. The stair savers cushion your gait and also dampen the kicking noises. Similar to carpets, the material is very pleasant for the feet – usually soft and warm.

You can either fasten the carpet steps or fasten them with double-sided tape. Most mats are already supplied with an adhesive strip on the bottom, which means that you have less effort when attaching them.

The usual staircase in the house consists of 15 steps, which is why the stair floor mats are usually sold in sets. So you don't have to buy the step mats individually and can save a little. Individual cuts can be made on mats without a chained edge. In order to avoid mistakes, it is also possible to order the step mat to be made to measure at specialist retailers.

Climbing stairs keeps fit
In everyday life, it is often difficult to find enough time for sufficient training. But those who climb stairs every day tighten their legs and buttocks. So take the stairs more often instead of the elevator, you have a good workout after a few floors.

The shapes of the stepped carpets are rectangular or semicircular. If you want to cover as much area as possible of your stage, we recommend an angular step mat. If you are looking for a narrow step mat, the semi-circular variants are recommended. If you want the stair stoppers for your spiral staircase, you should pay particular attention to the fact that the mat still sits well even at the narrowest point and does not protrude beyond the step.

Especially in the colder seasons, the stairs in front of the front door can become a slide. To make the stairs non-slip, make sure that the mat is weatherproof. Most outdoor models are made of rubber. Patterns or recesses increase the slip resistance and beautify your stairs.

Step mats Alu
Especially in dark places (e.g. cinema) steps are not only made visible but also non-slip.

Incidentally, there has not yet been a step-mat test by the Stiftung Warentest.

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